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Neil Wattier is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona and a highly experienced Mental Performance Coach. He holds a Master of Arts in Performance Psychology from National University and has 26 years of service as a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force. As a Master Resilience Trainer for both the Air Force and Army, Neil has a deep understanding of the neurophysiology of the human brain and body, which he uses to help clients self-regulate during times of intense pressure and anxiety.

In January 2020, Neil founded his own resilience and mental performance consulting firm, which has helped individuals and teams realize their full potential. As an Adjunct Professor, Neil brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom, helping students achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Neil has also worked with a wide range of clients including business executives, senior military leaders, young professionals, youth and adult athletes, fitness professionals, and faith communities.


With the motto "what doesn't kill you, might make you weak", Neil is dedicated to helping people build holistic mental and emotional strength to grow and thrive through stress and adversity.

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