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Resilience Workshops

Resilience is crucial for businesses to encourage productivity, motivation, low turnover, sustained growth, and a healthy bottom line. Likewise, community organizations, nonprofits, families, and the youth of our nation face significant adversity requiring enhanced resilience skills to grow and thrive.


Help your team, community, and family members make connections, move toward goals, and maintain a hopeful outlook by strengthening relationships and personal resilience skills.


Acknowledge natural capacities, employ strengths, and develop learnable skills by reinforcing productive behaviors and recondition counterproductive habits to increase effectiveness, happiness, and well-being.

Base Package: $9,278


  • Pre-training discovery call with key leaders

  • 4-hour interactive workshop

  • Downloadable PDF course workbook

Printed participant packets are additional cost.

Travel for in-person events is an additional cost.

A free 30-minute discovery session is available to determine if mental performance coaching and Neil’s coaching style is right for you.

Reserve your free 30-minute 
discovery call today!

Optional facilitated follow-up coaching sessions


After the Event, participants will have a solid foundation and strategies to improve their resilience and performance. Lasting and sustainable change takes time and applying new skills can be difficult when facing challenges, often resulting in the return to previous habits and behaviors. We can support your employees achieve lasting change and sustainable success.


Benefits to follow-up coaching: Sustainable change and outcomes

  • Reinforce productive habits and behavior. Keep the momentum going.

  • Remain connected and empowered with everything they need.

  • Overcome unforeseeable hurdles, roadblocks, and setbacks jeopardizing success.

  • Sustainable results. Change is a process, not a one-time event.

  • Accountability, motivation, and focused attention.

  • Go deeper and continue to grow. It’s the next step on the journey. The next level!

Recommend group coaching at 30-day, 90-day, and 180-day intervals. Each ninety (90) minute coaching session is hosted on a Zoom conference call and may include up to 25 participants.

Each session is $500.

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