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What is Coaching?


The coaching relationship helps you improve performance for optimal results in sports, performing arts, business, high-risk professions, and your personal life. By focusing on where you are now and what you want to improve or achieve, this partnership helps you envision the life you want, focus on bringing out your brilliance and resources, and holds you accountable to your hopes, desires, and dreams.

You are the expert in your personal and professional life. I help you discover, clarify, and align your vision, encourage your self-discovery, help you discover solutions and strategies, and hold you responsible for your actions based on your goals and milestones.


You will experience growth in self-awareness, self-regulation, optimism, mental agility, strengths of character, and connection through skill-based actions you can immediately implement in every area of your life.

Coaching is unique from mentoring, therapy, training, consulting, and teaching.


Mentoring is someone with more experience advising and providing a role model to a less experienced person. This sponsor has great professional experience in the client’s field of work and focuses on future development.


Therapy, often focused on the past, is relief from psychological or physical symptoms through emotional healing and relief from mental pain.


Training is gaining knowledge, skills, or abilities through study, experience, or teaching. The trainer is an expert and their course targets specific skills, often in a one-to-many environment.


Consulting provides expertise to solve business problems or develop a business by focusing on the organization, not individuals within it.


Teaching is the act of passing knowledge to students. The teacher has information the student does not.


Coaching focuses on mental growth, moving toward desired goals, and is generative, as opposed to remedial. You are the expert and have the answers or the means to determine the course of action.


Are you…

     Facing a specific challenge or change?

     Wishing to work or perform more effectively and successfully?

     Wanting to achieve a goal you have been struggling with on your own?

     Wanting more from life but not sure how to get it?

     Running or preparing to start a business and need confidential guide to help focus on priorities?

     Committed to change but need someone to show you how?


Then coaching is for you!

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