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Resilience is crucial for businesses to encourage productivity, motivation, low turnover, absenteeism, sustained growth, and a healthy bottom line. Likewise, community organizations, nonprofits, families, and the youth of our nation face significant adversity requiring enhanced resilience skills to grow and thrive.


Help your team, community, and family members make connections, move toward goals, and maintain a hopeful outlook by strengthening relationships and personal resilience skills.


Acknowledge natural capacities, employ strengths, and develop learnable skills by reinforcing productive behaviors and recondition counterproductive habits to increase effectiveness, happiness, and well-being.

One-on-One Coaching



Do not be afraid to raise your sails during the storm!


One-on-one Coaching supports and encourages individuals to develop and maintain a confident and optimistic outlook. A growth mindset significantly improves your ability to achieve goals and maintain resilience during excess pressure, change, uncertainty, and adversity. Utilize inner resources of compassion, clarity, confidence, and courage while connecting with external resources of people and support to help you regroup, recover, adapt, and respond.


You have the means, power, and influence to change your situation. No one can be resilient for you. You have to practice the skills on your good days so you can apply them on your stressful days. Without practice, you will likely fall back on counterproductive habits and achieve the same old results.


Coaching holds you accountable for improving resilience skills and mental performance, reducing the impacts of stress on mental and physical health, and improving fulfillment, motivation, productivity, and life satisfaction.

Keynote Speaking

Neil applies his 26 years of military experience leading teams, advising senior leaders, and building networks to deliver the message of resilience and mental performance using stories of adversity, struggle, growth, and development. Neil captures the essence of your meeting, conference, or event and provides a unique and distinctive moment to deliver an effective, memorable message.

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