Transparent Pricing


Secret pricing strategies behind walls of “contact me” forms leave you feeling sold rather than served. Hiding prices leads to wasted time uncovering data instead of working toward your solutions. I want engaging, solution-focused creativity to rule the conversation rather than sales and negotiation tactics.

My business is designed to provide quality development solutions with transparent prices.

Transparency is a cornerstone of my philosophy. Placing my prices for the world to see leads to customer awareness and consumer confidence.



  • Workshops are delivered to your private group online or at your location.

  • Courses are priced per group up to 36 participants.

  • Fees do not include facility or catering service.

  • Printed workbooks and materials are an additional charge.

  • All prices are quoted in United States dollars.

  • Prices quoted on the chart are for training delivered in the continental United States.

  • For Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada, the cost is the daily rate plus $1,500. For all other locations, please contact me.

  • Chart fees include travel in the Phoenix Metro area. Please contact me about travel to your location.

  • * For more than 36 Participants, please contact me *

3 Hour Workshop


4 Workshops

$5,789 per workshop

7 Workshops

$5,359 per workshop

One-on-One Coaching

  • Coaching is provided via online video, phone, or in-person.

  • An initial 4-week Intensive is required to learn the fundamental skills and develop them in context to your life situations (One 30-minute discussion per week).

  • A follow-up nine-month Performance and Goal Achievement coaching is recommended to reinforce the new skills and behaviors while engaging in my goal achievement process.

  • Performance and Goal Achievement coaching include two 60-minute conversations per month plus unlimited email exchanges. You will be responsible for assignments vital to the success of your learning and development.


10 Monthly Installments


6 Installments


4 Installments


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Keynote Speaking

  • If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next event, I can engage, entertain, and educate your group.

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